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OTP with age difference (◡‿◡✿) 

OTP with size difference (◕‿◕✿)

OTP with size AND age difference (⊙‿⊙✿)

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Sooo got in a fight with my mum

Gonna stay the night at a frand’s

Goin out to dinnah with the mumsie
Send me ‘⁈’ for my character’s reaction to your muse running their hand up mine’s thigh.

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Hey guys. I know you saw this post circulating around, but frankly it got too long and annoying to keep up with, so I’m making another post to update my situation.

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Does human!Mani still maintain and childlike belief in magic? That is, would he even be able to see non-human versions of his loved ones, or would he pass right through them as most adults simply pass through the Guardians and other such magical creatures?

He’s a man of science. Mani realizes that what he sees can’t honestly be all there is to the universe. So in his own roundabout way he does believe in other types of being. So seeing those who are alien life forms would be easy enough for him [Aster, Sandy, and to a degree, Pitch]

For others, it would be very difficult for him to see. He’d probably see them well enough with his eyes, but his brain would ignore them in the same way one ignores passing scenery while driving. Sure you see it, but it’s not important that you notice it.

Forgotten M!A

In his current magic-anon’d state, Mani has been made human for five days, bound to the planet Earth with little memory of his life before.

In fact, he believes all his actions, his entire life as the Tsar, was little more than a simple dream. Should he meet those he knew, he will likely be a bit startled and confused.

Mani works as a Guidence Councilor at a boarding school in northern Canada. He goes by the name Lunaire Tondeuse.

In this fake life created for him, he lives alone [though he does have a pet fish affectionately named Rayon]. He believes his parents died in a car accident when he was a boy [the accident gave him the scar on his chest]. 

He is single, shy, and terribly antisocial outside of the students he deals with. For some reason he feels like he can listen to them easier than adults. Around other grown-ups he becomes nervous and tends to hide behind his hair. He’s a soft-spoken individual.

He has no magic, no link to anything save for this life of his.

Mani also believes himself to be working on a self-help book for children.


"Counselor? Sounds wonderful." He shook his hand firmly before pulling it away. "Ah, parlez-vous francais?” Sandy asked.

"Oui." He retorted, nodding his head politely. "It is so nice to find someone else who knows my native language." The male relaxed a bit, content.

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Something was wrong… Mani wouldn’t leave Yue to cry like this. She approached her little brother and scooped him into her arms, rocking him softly, “Shhh shhh its okay Yue. Lets go for a walk hmm? Around the ship? There’s a pretty garden here we can sit in.” she attempted to sooth her younger sibling.

"Ama!" He whined, trying to articulate to her that his Daddy had vanished. "Ama!" Tiny pudgy fingers wiggled as she scooped him up. He latched onto her, still whimpering, but placated by her company.